Maharashtra Animal & Fishery Sciences University

Krantisinh Nana Patil College Of Veterinary Science, Shirwal, Dist- Satara, (MS) 412 801

क्रांतिसिंह नाना पाटील पशुवैद्यकीय महाविद्यालय, शिरवळ. जि. सातारा,४१२ ८०१


KNPVET Alumni Association

The subject of formation of Alumni association was under the consideration from quite some time, however it as in the year 2005 that this dream became the reality. With the initiative of the ex. Associate Dean, Dr. R. J. Kukade and subsequent motivation and due support from the Dr. S. G. Narayankhedkar, former Associate Dean, the Alumni Association was founded with active functioning in a real sense. At present alumni association is enrolled with 300 members. Within the short span the association has been able to create its identity by initiating following several activities. The Alumni is registered as per applicable Govt. rules and regulation with its statute.

1. Orations:

The association organizes three orations per year.

  • a. Smt Kamalabai Birade Oration – This oration is instituted by Dr. H. S. Birade, Professor of Gynaecology, KNP College of Veterinary Science, by donating an amount of Rs. 50,000/-.
  • b. DR. B. L. Purohit Oration – This oration is instituted by Dr. P.S. Lonkar, ex. Director of Extension, MAFSU by donating of Rs. 50,000/-.
  • c. Narayankhedkar Oration – for this oration Dr. S. G. Narayankhedkar, Ex. Dean & Director of Instruction, MAFSU had donated the amount.

2. Awards:

  • i. Best Veterinary Teacher of the Year
  • ii. Best Field Veterinarian of the year
  • iii. Best All round Veterinarian of the year
  • iv. Best student of the year at the end of B. V. Sc. & A. H. degree course from KNPVC, Shirwal.
  • v. Best student of the year in Para clinical subjects at the end of B V. Sc & A. H. from KNPVC, Shirwal.

3 .Financial Help :

The Association provided financial help to the economical poor students and alumni members for the completion of their studies for masters in India and USA

Founder Management Committee ( 2005 To 2011)

  • Chairman : Dr. A. S. Bannalikar
  • Secretary : Dr. B.R. Kadam
  • Joint Secretary : Dr. P.D. Pawar
  • Treasurer : Dr. R. R. Shelar
  • Members : Dr. D. S. Suryawanshi ,Dr. (Miss) V. G. Nimbalkar